Draper Technical Challenge Competition - National Society of Black Engineers

Paper Submission and Presentation Information

All solutions submitted must be no more than 750 words, excluding title page and citations, double spaced, and should follow a standard style for technical papers per standard preparation guidelines (see example). The paper must be typed and in English. Any elements appearing in an Entry must be the competitor’s own original work, created solely by the competitor. Use of anything that is not the competitor’s own original work, may result in disqualification. Draper reserves the right to reject any Entry that it deems, in its sole discretion, to violate any of these content related requirements.

Paper Organization and Title Page example.

FINAL SUBMISSION: November 5, 2017. You must officially register prior to your submission. All papers must be submitted in pdf format to the Submit Competition Papers page no later than November 5 2017.

In the final round at the conference, each finalist will be assigned a 20-minute time for their presentation to a panel of three judges.

The presentation material should be in format of Microsoft PowerPoint slides and include both a soft copy (memory stick) and 10 print copies of the presentation.

PRESENTATION TIME LIMIT – 20 minutes, broken down as follows:
10 minutes for the presentation
10 minutes for Q&A and answer/scoring period